Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tasty Pearl Milk Tea

There is the most lovely Taiwanese vendor man that sells various snacks just down the street from my apartment. Tonight I bought a pearl milk tea and a hot dog like thingy. I have included pictures.

Pearl Milk Tea (or Bubble tea) originated in Taiwan. I have had a couple of bad ones here but the little man I get mine from makes an amazing Pearl Milk Tea. It is basically milk tea (either green or red) with bobo balls (made from a mixture of tapioca and carrageenan powder).

A co-worker of mine gave me flat cake today. I've had one before. I'm not quite sure what's in it, but it rather tasty. It has pepper and spices on it. I need to find out more about the foods I keep getting.

Inside the flat cake

Hotdog thingy from the vendor.

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