Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Field Trip of Doom, and not the good kind!

Today we went on a field trip for Kindy. To be honest, it was terrible. We went to the High Speed Railway station because all our themes (little, middle and big class) have been about transport in one way or another.

First we had to take the shuttle bus to the station, which was exciting for the kids, but boring as hell. It took us over an hour to get there (good to know for when I have to go there myself for a train). Then we had a snack and found the middle and big class. The two smaller classes got the shuttle bus before us because we couldn't all get on at once. That's why it took so long to get there.

A lady gave us a tour, first we spent forever at the ticket machines while she explained to the kids how to use them. At times I think she had them guess prices to different places, not bad. Then the tour took us to the disabled toilets. Why would kindy kids be interested in toilets? Why I ask? Why?

Then we went outside, the woman was talking to them again, my co-worker Matt, and I walked out a bit to see if we could see a train at the platform (The building has the platforms on top of them- when you are outside the building you can look up to see them. We saw a train had pulled into the station. You could only see a small top section of it, but still it was a train.

We told Matt's HRT (home room teacher- Taiwanese teacher) about it and that the kids should be shown it. The look she gave him, we made our point that we are at a station, so the kids should see an actual train! OMGoodness. I felt like hitting my head against a wall. So, we interrupted whatever other boring thing the tour lady was saying to get the kids to come to us and see the train, we waved it goodbye as it pulled out of the station.

What would have been an awesome trip would be to take the kids to the station and organise a tour where they could go upstairs and actually look at the trains. Or go to the local station in Taichung and get on a cheap train ride to the next town, they would have loved that.

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