Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Communication and Punishments

Sorry, mini rant in the last post. I was so infuriated that so much time of it was wasted by showing a bunch of kids ranging in age from 3-7 disabled toilets. Again, why?
Oh well. I'm mainly angry about it because I couldn't understand a word and I got a kid in trouble.

All I did was hold his hand and try and entertain him because as expected, he was bored, and so was I. The problem here, is if my HRT doesn't like the way I do something she will punish the student instead of telling me that she doesn't want me to do something.

She actually pushed the kid out of line and threatened to leave him at the station. She did it all in Chinese but I knew what was going on. OMG I was so angry! Argh! he was about to cry- and this is THE happiest kid in my class, always full of energy and sunshine- then she let him back in line. Then he wouldn't take my hand. WTF?

I have a meeting this Friday with my HRT, branch manager and native speaking teacher supervisor. I have been making a list of things that we should discuss. The problem about Taiwanese people is that you can never be direct about something, they will never be direct with you.

Unfortunately that is the worst way to communicate with me, I can't understand hints. I need people to be direct with me, so I can understand what's going on.

My relationship with my HRT is a delicate one, it has taken me months to build up to her saying good morning to me and giving the odd smile. So, for the points I want to raise in the meeting...I know all will revert back to the way it was when I first started.

The way communication works here, if someone is pissed off at you, they won't say a thing. It will fester and fester. But, hopefully with help I can sort it out.

Some of the punishments I have seen her dish out to my kids is unbelievable! Though most are when i'm no longer the teacher and i'm kicking about doing preparation work. I need to ask if parents have asked for this specifically (because sometimes they do) or if they are her rules. HESS has a very strict code of conduct for teachers when it comes to punishing students. Basically it's what I would expect of day care in the UK.

A tricky dilemma.

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