Friday, 28 January 2011

Current Reading

I'm currently reading 'The Elves of Cintra' by Terry Brooks. It is the second in a trilogy of books of a prequel series for the Shannara series. The Shannara series is a set of books (totalling 14 books) that I have read. I love the series.

I love what Brooks has done with the series. First off, he releases the Shannara series (which has 4 mini series'). It is a world of magic, it has druids, elves, dwarves, demons, lizard creatures, the lot! I love it! But then he releases a series called 'The Word and the Void', basically good and bad fighting it out while agents of the Void are trying to bring down current world order and lay waste to the Earth. This is set in the modern day. It is amazing. I haven't read the whole series because the book is at home (I will have to read it when i'm back on vacation).

This trilogy is followed with the 'Genesis of Shannara', the series I am currently reading. It is set in a post apocalyptic world where it is a race to save as much of humanity as possible before demon armies enslave or wipe them out. Great stuff.

I love that he has 14 books on the Shannara series, and in some of them there are hints that the world of Shannara is set in the future of modern day Earth. For example, there are some characters that come across a place where they need to find some information, and it is described as being round discs you have to slot into something and pictures show up. Totally a DVD in a computer. It had me thinking, and then he released the 'Word and the Void' series.

In all honesty, the Shannara series is a fantasy series that is just for easy reading, it's not all that complicated, no extra plots and each book can kind of be self contained. I prefer Robert Jordan 'The Wheel of Time' series because it is meaty, goes on forever and there is so much depth to it. Though, that means it takes a lot of mind power for me to keep track of all the plots going on. Not light reading if you want to read the whole lot. A couple of months ago I decided to re-read the Wheel of Time series (14 books- of which I have read 10 or 11). I have read the first two but had to take a break before I started the third. Jordan died and the last three have been completed by another author called Brandon Sanderson. So, it will be interesting to read his style when I get that far.

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