Sunday, 16 January 2011

Work with Pride, Live with Satisfaction

Today was the annual banquet for my company. It was for the central area. My branch had a dance/cat walk number on the stage this year. Most branches do, this years theme was 'Fashion Week'. A few weeks ago we were asked to choose characters and we were to practice a catwalk/dance thing. It was great! I had a good time. It was a short piece with quite a few people. I was 'Joliet' Jake Blues (and my workmate Andrew was Elmwood Blues). Here is a picture of a Polaroid :)

I also received an excellent teacher award 'Employee of the Year', quite a few people get them, but I got a cool ornament out of it :) And I won a 16GB flashdrive in the raffle. Pretty cool :) Also, this years motto is 'Work with pride, live with satisfaction' hence the title of the post.

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