Saturday, 29 January 2011

Engagement Celebration

I had a couple of friends round at my place last night to celebrate Renee and Geoff's engagement. If I haven't already said, he proposed on Christmas day. So sweet! So, we had a lovely evening of chatting, red wine and many laughs. It was nice to have people over.

The afternoon was spent preparing a gift for them, doing a bit of shopping to get the things I needed for the evening, and relaxing. Today, Sunday, Zach (he crashed in my spare room last night) and I will meet Renee and Geoff for brunch at the Early Bird.

After that I don't know what the day holds. More relaxing, reading, maybe a walk in Dakeng. I doubt it though, i'm not feeling well, not over indulgence with wine but other reasons, so a long walk is not an exciting idea at the moment. But I shall see how I feel a bit later.

Love to all.

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