Wednesday, 12 January 2011 the rain

I didn't actually swim in the rain, but it has been raining a lot here today. I finally managed to get to the swimming pool today. I wanted to start last week but work got in the way.

I feel great for it, I only did 10 lengths (20 times back and forth) but I know it is a good start for me...especially since I haven't done any proper swimming in a long time. I hope it is the proper kick up the backside I need to go regularly during the week.

I had to share a lane with a Taiwanese lady who seemed a bit miffed at someone interrupting her rhythm...for she was much faster than I, as I was doing breast stroke and she was not. She was doing a kind of circular lap in the lane, not just going up and down one side. If she had done that I think she wouldn't have been too bothered with my presence.

After the swim I relaxed in the jacuzzi :D They have outside spa pools as well that I may check out tomorrow if I have time. Woohoo!

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