Sunday, 9 January 2011

Catching up and meeting new folks

My friend Hans has been back in Taiwan for a couple of weeks and I managed to catch up with him On Friday night. It was great, we joined Geoff and Renee for a couple of drinks, then had scotch at my place. He is now working in Moscow!

I had an Open House for Kindy on Sat morning, so I was very happy to have a coffee before it began. Haha! It went alright, I was slightly confused as to what my purpose was. I was told that There would be a Chinese teaching demo, then an English one. It was just me, maybe I took too long for it. There were only two students and one who already attends our kindy.

After that I chilled at home and had an unwanted nap. I fell sleep :) I met up with people in the evening. Some of Zach's friends came down from Jhunan. It was great to meet them and put faces to names. I was totally not in the mood. I have a lot on my mind and feel like i'm distracted. I have no idea what is wrong. Maybe something in my Friday night conversation with Hans triggered some kind of deep thought i'm not aware of. After a while though and some tasty cocktails I was in a better mood.

That brings me to today. I had a couple of guests at mine last night (Zach's friends Russell and Carling), while I waited on them to get up I painted a little. We went to the Early Bird Diner and met the rest of the Jhunan folks and Renee and Geoff...then I went home and painted some more. I've had a lovely day.

I still feel like i'm bothered by something. I hope it gets resolved or goes away. I have what can be called a stress knot in my neck. I sit hunched most of the time, I wasn't aware that I did it until the Chi lady at the Spa told me about my neck. I notice the way I sit now. I must be stressed to have a constant knot in my neck/shoulders.

Wet. I may add more to it once it is dry.

The white part, empty space. I gave it texture by using a palette knife to slap on white paint.

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