Sunday, 4 July 2010

Nuns galore!

After the waterfall, on the way back to Taichung, we stopped in at a temple. I have been there before but it was great to go again. Especially because a nun showed us around. She took us into the nuns quarters and showed us various 'temple' rooms that they have for private prayer. It was amazing! I took a couple of sneaky shots. Also, in one area there was a very nice nun who gave us some kind of fruit. We have no idea what it was but it was delish!

There was also a gift shop of sorts. They had lots of posters and books and CD's that are for folks to take if they want. I took a poster, a scroll thingy and a notebook (it can be used to practice my Chinese characters). I never normally take anything more than a postcard from temples. The poster is amazing!

The first few pictures are of a room in the temple that was closed off last time I was there. It was stunning.

You can just about see Shaun taking a snooze on the steps. I thought this was a brilliant picture. A chap relaxing in such a beautiful place. The best place for relaxation.

A sneaky shot of the nun. She was shy and didn't want her picture taken. She was so nice. She also gave us cookies (well biscuits).

The nun 'workout' area. haha.


  1. I can't wait to visit outside of Taipei and really explore Taiwan. Great photos. =o)

  2. There are so many places in Taiwan that is worth adventuring to :D You'll have a fabulous time seeing them all!

  3. I know. My husband is from Taiwan. I have the best source for this. xD