Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Burning the candle at both ends

I am really busy at work this week due to my Tree House performance day. There is so much admin involved in the program, planning, buying/making of things and making sure you get everything done in class.

They are on their review unit...had their big test today, even though it's meant to be on Friday. But Friday is performance day- where we put on a show/I do a teaching demo of the next level- so minimal teaching can be done in the first hour- that is used to practice and have fun :D

There are also lots of report cards to write and thank goodness for Vickie because she is helping me translate what i've written. She has also been making folders for each of the students. They show what written work/pictures and other things they have done in this level. They also put in photo's of them.

I'm so blessed to have so much help at work! I'm stressed and have not getting to bed as early as I should be. haha. That's me as always...but I need to get to bed now.

I'm also a little sad to have the performance day on Friday because that will be the last time I see them :( The class is a huge handful but they are awesome kids! I will miss them. They don't know that i'm leaving, which is a shame. I can't tell them because we don't know who my replacement will be. The parents will want to know all the details about the new teacher...which we don't have.

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