Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hippy Loving

This weekend was a 'festival' called LUVstock held in an unused amusement park in Dakeng [Address: 台中市/北屯區/東山路二段151之2號 /東山樂園]. I wanted to go last night but I was too tired to go. So Renee, Geoff and I checked it out after having a late breakfast at the early bird.

The park was really creepy, very scooby doo like :D There were folks playing acoustic music because it was early in the afternoon. There weren't many people there but it was nice. We hung about for a wee while and then explored an area we thought was part of a temple on the opposite slope. It turned out to be part of the amusement park. It was all overgrown, so we were careful when walking because early on I saw a baby snake. Not the good kind...

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