Thursday, 15 July 2010

Developments at work

So on Tuesday I had training for a new program that is starting shortly. In my branch I start teaching it this Saturday. It is really different and i'm looking forward to teaching it. Though it is a class that is taught later on a Saturday, so I don't finish work until 6pm. boo. But it is taught every second Saturday, yay!

I was in the first of two training sessions. My boss asked me to stick around, so while she was training the second group I got some much needed work done. I subbed at what will be my new branch in Taichung tonight, so I did the lesson plans for those classes. One was an Open House and the other was a regular class.

Anyhoo, after she was finished she asked me if I would be interested in teaching kindy. I'm always caught off guard if not given time to think about things...that's why I prefer e-mails. go figure. So I said yes. I thought I was just being asked about the possibility, turns out I accepted the job. haha. That's communication for you.

But after some thought I think it will be great! I met with the area manager tonight after teaching. She wanted to meet me and talk to me to see what i'm like. I hope she thinks i'm suitable. I will start the kindergarten class on the 9th August. There will be a week or so cross over with my still teaching at Nantou, so I hope to have an apartment sorted in Taichung for then. It will be a week of commuting a lot. Though I think i'll get the bus back and forth and leave my scooter in Taichung. Life will be easier and less stressfull then. Also, it's always great to have a snooze on the bus :D

So i'll be teaching kindergarten in the mornings Monday to Friday and teach some classes in the evening. Betty (my awesome boss) says she will keep my evening schedule light to start with and try and make sure i'm not teaching Saturdays in order that I have some time off. I'll be so thankful if that's the case :D

The class i'm taking over has 20 students...a big class, but they are going into their third and final year of HESS kindy. So they will have good English anyway and I won't have to wipe any bottoms. That's good. I'll also be making a lot more money. Always good.

Well, that's all the recent news from me :)
Love to all.

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