Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Scooter drama

This weekend was great! I met with friends and had a nice time. Though, driving back from ChangHua on Sunday evening was a drama and a half. My scooter had been running fine, until it randomly cut out. It had done that before on a drive to Puli with Zach and Renee but that time we had to let it cool and it was fine after that.

I even learned how to put oil in it myself, so I was rather happy. I know it was the right kind of oil as well. Oh well.

So I was driving along a stretch of road that is dark, with factories and fields either side of the road when it cut out. Luckily I was mostly towards the end. So I pushed it into the local town, which I supposed is classed as Caotun (草屯). I tried starting it a few times as I was walking along, hoping it was just that the engine had over-heated.

Alas, it did not work. So I got to the local 7-11, a local convenience store that is thankfully open 24hrs, and enlisted the help of the clerk. With my phrasebook in hand I explained that my scooter was broken (for lack of anything better to say) and that I needed a taxi to Nantou. The guy was great! He used his cell phone and called a taxi for me.

The taxi man charged me NT$500 for the ride! Bloomin cheek! I wasn't going to argue with him as I'd spent the best part of an hour pushing/tackling my scooter, so I was just happy to get home.

I asked co-workers how to get it retrieved and fixed and my workmate Richard is hopefully going to sort something out for me! Legend! I'll let you know how it goes.

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