Monday, 28 June 2010


Monday evening. Work was a nightmare. My first class wouldn't listed to a word I said and the second was the same. I also had a kid in that class who refused to do any work at the end because he couldn't find his eraser. After trying various methods to get him to do the work...after the class was over I might add...he eventually did it. Once I packed up his things I found the damn thing under his workbook.
So I was not in a good mood when I left work. So my original plan to get a bus and train to Chunghua was ruined because I would get there too late. But after scooting to Chunghua on my hire scooter I felt better, even though a stupid driver nearly knocked me down. grr.

Anyhoo. I got to Chunghua and headed to Jonny's to meet everyone who had joined for Zach's fair well. When he wanted to leave I drove him to his apartment on his scooter (which is now mine) and said goodbye.

It will be strange not having him around. He's been one of a few folks i've spent most weekends hanging out with. But I learned early on in my time here in Taiwan that goodbyes are part of life. You never know how long your friends are going to be around. Tis the expat life i'm afraid.

I'm never good at goodbyes. I find that other people get teary and I don't. I think because I've moved so much and it never feels real. I always feel like an observer at such things. Perhaps that's a defence mechanism, if so I like it, so I won't over analyse that :)

I then went back to the bar to hang out with the others for a while, had a good giggle then drove back to Nantou on my new scooter. I'll have to get a bus to Chunghua to retrieve the other one that I left there, then take that back to the scooter place in Taichung. Sounds like a lot of hassle but I don't mind. I needed a scooter these past couple of weeks, so it's worth a little extra effort.

On the way back to Nantou I was chased by a few dogs. It was on a dark road, I had to slow down because of a large bump in the road onto a bridge section (bad roads here) and a pack of dogs came out of the shadows and chased me. It certainly gave me a fright, but they were just having fun methinks.

I was happy to get back in and get to bed to sleep. I didn't get in until past 3am.

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