Sunday, 26 February 2012

Scooter crash in Taroko Gorge

Hello folks,
It has been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened since then. My Kindy class graduated, I moved into my own apartment, I went on an awesome trip to the East of Taiwan and I flew home for Christmas.

I was very lucky to have been with awesome people when I crashed. I was cleaned up, given pain killers and cared for.

My criticism is for the health services in Taiwan. Always get a second or even third opinion. When I managed to get to a hospital they x-rayed my foot and chest etc. I was checked to make sure nothing was broken and then cleaned up. All good.

The woman, trained in what she does told me to clean my foot, her words 'deep wound' with only saline solution and then apply anti bacterial cream. I couldn't make out if she was a doctor or nurse. She was wearing scrubs and was teaching the interns. Her English was brilliant, so it wasn't a language problem. Needless to say my foot got infected.

I visited another doctor for treatment over the course of the first to second week. He pulled off the huge scab which made me curse a lot. Oops. And he gave me lots of meds as well as injections. Nothing was working to help the INFECTION in my foot. I was in agony. And I had to work. I was only given one week off.

I have to admit that even after this long time I am still angry about it, the instructions from the first hospital.

That was until I put out a screech of help on Facebook and was given the details of Mark, at Ren Ai hospital in Taichung.

Foreigners, if you get sick, go there.
I'll post more details in a separate post relating to the hospital and services for foreigners.

For all of those crazy enough to drive scooters in Taiwan, like me, be safe.

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