Wednesday, 29 February 2012

BBQ and Hotpot

A work social was held at a BBQ place, with me not eating meat, it was not a pleasant dining experience.

They had soup but the vegetarian option was quite simply plain. That is unusual for Taiwan, their soups are mostly delicious. This showed me that this particular BBQ place was great at handing you the flesh of a dead animal but not a bowl of soup. Sigh. I was hungry when I arrived and when I left. never mind. The company was good.

It was a shame that the foreigners were on one table and local staff on the next one.

Outside there was a dog wearing the lenseless glasses that are so popular here. I couldn't help but take a picture. Hau ke ai (so cute).

Then us foreigners went to the Hagendaaz restaurant. Yep, an ice cream restaurant. It seems a bit ridiculous to me. But take a look at the pic, that's why they were all snotty in there.
The lady seemed like she wasn't impressed with the scruffy weiguoren (foreigners).

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