Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Not Much of Nothing

As the title suggests I didn't do much in the way of anything for the next couple of months. That being the rest of September and October.

I wasn't fully healed until the end of Oct into Nov.

By that time I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted a trip home. Thanks to the way tax works for foreigners here...we get taxed 18% for 6 months, then the rate drops to 6%. we get a tax rebate the following tax year.

I got that tax money and debated buying a ticket home for Christmas. Then I turned up at the travel agents and bought one. Huzzah! That put me in an awesome mood.

I already had the time booked off work as I was meant to be going to Vietnam and Cambodia with a friend, but neither of us did any planning and it fell by the wayside.

The next month was spent saving money and trying to find Christmas gifts :-)

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