Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Vacation of Greatness

I have finally managed to book my flights. And it is a wonder that I have booked them so early :D All thanks to having the extra pay from the Kindy job!! Haha :D

I will be flying back into the UK on the 24th Feb, spending a couple of nights in London with a friend and then i'll hop it up to Scotland. Spend a couple of weeks in 蘇格蘭 (Sūgélán- Scotland), and then fly over to Ireland for a few days before heading out back to Taiwan.

It will be a whirlwind vacation but it will be amazing! I really hope to fit in a day trip to Paris because I have never been, and if I can book the eurostar early enough it will be much cheaper than usual. Take a packed lunch and Bob's your uncle, a cheap day in Paris.

I'm so excited to have the flights booked! It won't be long now. Haha :D

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