Sunday, 28 November 2010

Passing the Time Van Gogh Style

I need to update about last weekend, I'll do that in another post. I went to Taichung Folk Park on the Sat and Hotsprings in Guguan on the Sunday.
But this weekend was also awesome! It was Dave's birthday yesterday, so he invited his friends out for dinner. It was a great meal at a Taiwanese fish restaurant. Then we went to Corner Cafe, it is a really cool lounge cigar bar. I loved that place. I will definitely go back there with a good book. We then went to a friends housewarming party. It was a late night but I had fun.

Today I went for lunch with Tanya and Dave, then I treated myself to some art supplies. I finally checked out an art store on the outskirts of Taichung (technically in Dali City) to see what they had. It is an Aladdin's cave. Wow! I had such a great time wandering around. I bought myself some palette knives, oil paints, oil, a canvas, two bits of wood and random bits to use in my paintings.

So I spent my evening relaxing and painting. Here is a pic of the one piece I finished, I painted it on the smaller piece of pine wood. The pic doesn't show it well, so I'll try again once it has dried. I've started something else, but the first layer needs to dry. If you click on the picture you can zoom in and see it better.

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