Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Festivities

For my Kindy class I dressed up last week. I was going to do it for every day of the week but I only managed Monday (witch), Tuesday (cat), Friday (pirate). It was good fun. We had a Halloween party on the Friday. The branch had made a haunted house in a spare classroom. Auntie (the all round cleaning lady) was a scary monster inside. She even gave me a fright. haha.

For my evening branch had a Halloween party on the Tuesday (so I was a pirate for that) and I had a party on the Friday for my Treehouse class. We dressed up and had a party. We worked for the first hour and went trick or treating in the second. It was good fun. We had a great activity where the kids had to dress two teachers as mummies (I was one). The kids had so much fun.

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