Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Beginnings

I had to get up at the crack of dawn, 5.30, to get ready and out of Nantou to get to Taichung in time to observe my new kindy class.

I was planning to scoot through but decided it was wiser to take the bus. I scooted to the bus stop to see if there were any buses running that early and thankfully I managed to get the first one, 6.45am. Eek.

I got to the branch with plenty of time to organise my notes etc and start my lesson plans for next week...which turned out to be the wrong one. Which is great to know. Now I know the kindy schedule. Yay.

The class was great. It was so good to observe them. I wish that I could have had the opportunity earlier but I know that wasn't an option. I'm so excited to be starting that class. They are great, I know it will be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Also, I met the new NST's for Nantou. They are great! They seem really nice :) the girl (one chap, one lady) will be taking over my tenancy at my apartment. She will move in with me on Friday as HESS can't keep them in a hotel for another week. So I will have a roomie for a week or so until I move to Taichung.

But then again, I feel bad that I won't be around. I will still try and show her around so she knows where things are.

I will hopefully get an apartment this weekend and be staying in Taichung during the week due to having to teach so early in the morning. I'll scoot back to Nantou each afternoon to teach and then take stuff back to Taichung after work.

Though to be honest I think on busy scheduled days I'll just get the bus. I don't want to get too tired.

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