Monday, 9 August 2010

Kindy is great :D Update of weekend shenanigans

I had my first kindy class today. So I had to get up really early 5am to get ready to leave from Nantou. It was well worth it. The kids are great!

They are so smart, and this week is all about superheroes. Haha! Great fun :D

Also, I met my future flatmate Dave to check out an apartment. We decided on the apartment that we saw on Saturday. It was one he heard about from the owner of the Early Bird Restaurant. It was only advertised by a sign on the Chinese.

My good friend Victor (met through language exchange) kindly agreed to meet with Dave and I to help us out with flat hunting on Saturday. He met up with me at my new branch 'Shuang Shih', I taught a class there on Saturday. It was amazing having him along because he talked to everyone for us. We looked at 4 apartments (3 in the same place, which we didn't like).

[Also, we went for dinner, then I went with Dave to a house party in a town near Taichung- Fengyuan. At about 1am I got itchy feet and ended up scooting to Chunghua to hang out with folks there- I met some new people who were cool. I had a good time. It was easier, and a shorter distance, scooting to Chunghua than to Nantou. When I got back to Nantou on Sunday I took Erica out for a scoot about Nantou, Jhongshing village and Caotun. It was good fun :)]

Today we got in contact with the folks who have the place we like. It had been empty for a couple of months. So we were cheeky and said we'd take it if they put in two double beds and a fridge. They agreed. So hopefully over the next couple of days we can meet them and sign a contract. Then I can move in properly at the weekend, in time for me to start properly in Taichung.

This is my last week in Nantou :( i'm really going to miss my workmates, who have become really great friends. And of course, i'm going to miss my kids. I've become really attached to them. But it's all part of the process. I'll no doubt become attached to my new kids.

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