Thursday, 12 August 2010

Keys for the new place

Miki, one of Dave's good friends kindly agreed to go with us to meet the landlady and her daughter (who knows English...practically fluent) to sign our contract.

Do you remember that we cheekily asked for a couple of beds and a fridge...well they did a lot better than that. There is a sofa (currently stuck in one of the rooms) a TV, DVD player, table and chairs, a futon mattress thingy for the spare room and a washing machine! I was so happy at that last one. A man will come on Sat to hook it up.

So, we paid all the money and have the keys. Yay!

The story about the sofa, which is beautiful, everything had to be lifted into the apartment via crane and through a window because the staircase leading up to it is so narrow. Apparently that's a common thing here.

I am so happy to have a place sorted :D in a great location right around the corner from my kindy branch. YAY. Now, just to find the time and energy to pack.

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