Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tax Madness

Well thank goodness Naomi was with me at the tax office. She is such a great friend to stay and help me! First off, I would have gone to the wrong place (as in the wrong building in the wrong part of town). Then there was a specific area for foreigners. Then I had to photocopy loads of stuff. And I had filled out the wrong part of the form...the list goes on. It's still not over as I had to get a proxy form, take it to my branch, get them to fill that in (in case i'm not here when i'm meant to get the tax refund in December) and take that back on Monday.

The tax rebate is only for a couple of thousand...fair enough that works out to about £40. But still, a lot of hastle over so little. Mind you, the amount goes down after an international transfer. Still, enough to pay a bill.

Before that we went to Jongshan village. It was so nice and peaceful. I took a couple of pictures of her dog Momoko.

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