Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rain Rain Rain and movies

This past weekend was spent hanging out with Renee, Geoff and Zach.
I took Saturday off work so I went to Chunghua on Friday night. Which was nice. It was strange having a full weekend off. On Saturday we checked out a food and music fest in Taichung by the Art Museum. It was alright, but not really my scene. I suppose I couldn't be bothered sitting around doing nothing. lol. That's what a weekend is for surely :)

We went back to Renee and Geoff's and watched a movie...which I can't remember what. haha.

On Sunday we were planning on going on a mini adventure but it was pouring down the whole day. boo. But it is needed so it must be accepted :) We chilled and watched movies. We watched 'a license to kill', the Americans were not impressed with James bond. lol. Oh well.

So a weekend of not doing much and watching many movies.

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