Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mother's Day Activity

This past Sunday 9th May was Mother's Day in Taiwan (and in America). I found out it's different in the UK. I completely missed Mother's Day, I found out having called my mum and she told me I was a couple of months late. I'm such a terrible daughter. I never remember such things.

Anyhoo. At work on Saturday morning we had an activity for any kids who wanted to come. Most of them were my Tree House kids. I taught them how to read a couple of poems to their Mother's and then we made paper flowers. They're made by drawing around your hand and cutting that out...as well as other bits. They were pretty cool!

After that we had a KTV competition where the kids had to sing a song chosen by the branch (Skidamarink) and then one they chose. They were given a list of songs (with lyrics) and a CD the week before so they could practice.

It was so much fun. I was supposed to be a judge taking notes but all I did was record some performances and take loads of pictures. Here are a few.

Jeff and his little sister Zoe wandering around the stage. She is so cute!

Frank. Great outfit for one of his songs :D

Wilson didn't do much singing but his dancing was awesome!


The kids playing with balloons before they went home.

Wilson's awesome dancing. It was magnificent :D

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