Monday, 4 January 2010

Taipei- Saturday 2nd

We had a little lie-in on Saturday. Understandable really, considering not going to sleep until nearly 4am.

We had decided the night before that going to see Avatar in 3D was a must! So we sat down at the olde computer and booked some tickets online. Unfortunately we could only get the 11.30pm showing so Hans couldn't join as he had work the next day. Still...I was incredibly excited at this point!

After rising and getting ready Kurt and I checked out a local tea/coffee place literally on the next street to his place. It was amazing. It's called 'Minimal' and it's full of cats. That and it does a great coffee. I ordered a caramel latte and he got a coconut latte. Both of which tasted great! And we got a wee plate of cookies. They were cute and tasty. There was one that was Rosemary cookie. I think that was both our favourite. I had never come across that before. Unfortunately I found out that i'm allergic to cats :( good to know though.

Yummy coffee and 'cookies'.

After that we wandered around the corner to grab a bite to eat at a Bornean place. It was awesome. Delicious! I had some kind of beef noodle dish. After the coffee it was taking quite an effort to eat it. We were rather full by the time we left there.

A clever way of numbering tables methinks.

Next was a walk to get a bus to head to an Artist 'village'. On the way we stopped in an artist shop so I could pick up a little sketch pad and a couple of flat pencils. Kurt had the most amazing idea about what to do with my apartment...turn it into my own studio! I can't believe I never thought of that before. I have plenty of space to do whatever I want. So when I can afford it, i'm going to buy the bits and bobs I need. I definitely am going to have a clay corner :)

Butterflies near Kurt's apartment. He said it took them one day to turn a plain concrete wall into that. I love Taiwan!

On the bus.

Once in the area for the artist village we spotted a farmers market. So in we went! It was so cool. Lots of things happening. Some of the foods smelled great. But we were still so full from lunch so eating was definitely not on the cards. We stopped at a honey stand that had live bees there. We also stopped at a tea stand where we were given some kind of lecture about tea. Kurt knows a lot more Chinese than me, so i'm sure he understood a lot more than I did. I relied on hand gestures and little snippets that I know. He bought some tea from there and I purchased something from another more thing to add into the package to send home.

HUGE fruit!

This is Kurt's photo that I ever so slightly pinched from facebook :D

Busy bees...and a reflection of Kurt :)

Anyhoo...we were in the artist village and had a wander around a couple of artist galleries and an exhibition about tea. There was a man giving some kind of presentation...but of course I understood not a word of it :)

There were some live performing artists dressed in costumes. They were great! I took a couple of sneaky shots. I think they are supposed to be the seasons of the year. That's what makes sense to me.

There was a really long que for folks waiting to see a band perform. We heard some of the music. It was good! I took this pic because it looked more like a prison to me. I think the whole area used to be fancy warehouses back in the day.

The 'artists village' had some room installations. Here is one, traditional tea setting :) very calming.

A close up.

I would love this in my apartment :D

I think this was a kind of fountain or paddling pool with this pretty feature in the middle.

After chilling on some strange seats we headed towards the MRT to get to Miramar mall. Once there we had a wander around to find out where we were supposed to go later to get our tickets. There was a science shop inside. It was amazing!! So much cool stuff inside!

The most amazing Amethyst in the science shop!

They have a ferris wheel on the top of the of course that was a must! It was a little scary. They have two transparent carriages, I managed to pursuade Kurt that was a bad idea. I'd be bad enough in an ordinary one. We waited a little while in the cue, not too long, and then got on (oh the cost NT$200- weekend price). The view was great. It wasn't as bright as I thought it would be, because the mall is not in a built up area. Also 101 wasn't lit up, unfortunately. That would have been fab to see! It was still good fun. The wheel itself was lit up and had extra lights on that made it look like it changed colour, so that was cool.

My good friend Kurt.

Then we returned and had another wander around and got our tickets. The film was, wow, it was great on an ordinary screen, but in 3D on imax was just brilliant! I enjoyed every minute of it. I did get a little sleepy at a couple of points but I managed to make it through to the end.

So we didn't get back to Kurts until around 3am. Another late night. But a great day!

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