Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sun Moon Lake

A few weeks ago...probably a month now, I went to Changhua for the usual Saturday meet with the folks there. I crashed at my friends Anthony's- a glorious friend who lets me crash at his when needed. On Sunday we decided that we (a group) should do a road trip to Sun Moon Lake. Matt, Lynn, Lisa, Anthony and I drove there. It wasn't a gloriously sunny day which was nice. In fact it was a bit drizzly, all the better methinks. The humidity at Sun Moon means you usually don't get to see much of the scenery but rain clears it out. The views were spectacular!

Unfortunately, I had left my camera in Taichung. Bu hao (not good). Lisa and Anthony took a few pictures, so I'm hoping to pinch those. :D I'll add them to this post.

Pictures pinched, here they are :)

Us, absolutely soaked from driving in the rain. But we made it to Sun Moon. Yay! Matt, Lisa (blond lass) Lynn (Matt's other half) and myself.

Anthony playing with my newly purchased sling shot. What is life without whimsy?

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