Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Pad

Well...I am in my new place. I have not yet moved all my things from my old apartment, I shall be on the case of that today! I have one class that finished at 4pm, then the rest of the day shall be spent moving stuff, mostly by scooter. I don't want to ask anyone to help, as the only time people have is the weekend. I certainly don't want to eat into my friends leisure time.
Having said that, my awesome friend Andrew (whom I also work with) helped me pack last Sunday. He was amazing...packing worthy of Mum. Haha! We had all my stuff packed (from two rooms, as one was a studio of sorts) and the rooms cleaned in no time at all!

Today an engineer came by and hooked up my wireless. Wireless! YAY! So, now I have the internet. I have a connection I can access anytime. I plan on backdating some blog entries, because I have some awesome pictures and stories to share. However, I have to get ready for work right now.

Love to all

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