Sunday, 6 February 2011

Taichung Park

Today was a beautiful day! I met Renee and Geoff for brunch then we headed to Taichung park to hang out in the sun. It was great, I read in the sun while Renee and Geoff rented a boat to row on the mini lake. I had an observer, a man sat down a few feet from me and stared at me while I was reading. Then when Geoff and Renee joined me we were then of interest to a betel nut chewing local who tried to talk to us. He brushed grass off my back...that was the point where we thought it would be best to leave.

I don't mind talking to locals, and trying to is always interesting, but when they get creepy and touch you...I leave. But it didn't spoil my afternoon, just another experience in Taiwan.

Pictures from the park:

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