Monday, 30 July 2012

Long time no blog

Hey there,

I know, I dropped off the face of the planet technologically speaking, it was lovely!

People kept saying things like "you didn't know about the invite, well it was on Facebook" I would reply with my having no Internet. To be honest, it has been wonderful not having the urge to check my emails etc. on a half hour basis.

The reason for the vacation to Thailand. My friend arrived earlier today and I'm on my way. The airline I have used has been terrible! Both flights have been late. However, I shall reserve true judgement on their services until my return trip to Taiwan.

I'm pretty excited, but that is slowly being washed away with tiredness. As I write this there is a little kid running laps around me. Awesome!

It is midnight, my flight may be ready to board at 1am. Which means I won't be at my hotel until silly o'clock. Thus, I intend to grab as much sleep as I can on the rest of this journey. It takes an hour in the cab from Bangkok airport to the city centre....zzzzz.

Oh yeah!

So expect some posts when I have wifi at the various places we'll be visiting.



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