Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Life and movie watching

As soon as I stepped off the airplane in Heathrow I was happy. I felt at ease and cold. haha.

Even though London was really busy it felt great to be there. I had a wonderfully busy day. I was quite happy navigating by myself...that is never really a problem for me, but it was all the more easy by everything being in English. And if I ever get lost I can always ask someone for directions. I was confused as to where I was when I was on a train to Manchester, all I had to do was ask a lady, who was really helpful.

When I was in Liverpool I watched 'Eat, Pray, Love' with my friend Kirsty. It was a good movie, a chick flic but good nonetheless. It made me think of what I want from life.

For various reasons I don't want to be in Taichung, I want to meet new people. It's not that I don't like my current friends, but with a couple of people I would much rather not see them. But having many mutual friends makes it difficult. I have confused feelings about them.

If I moved away then I wouldn't have to deal with that. I know it could well be running away, but I don't think it is. This time last year that's exactly what it would have been. I am honest with myself about how I feel and who it's for, and I can admit when I have no idea what I feel for someone.

I want an adventure. I don't want to settle into life in Taiwan and get stuck there because it's the 'easy' thing to do. I don't want to make excuses for not moving on to somewhere else.

So, I have been looking at job listings. There are so many places in the world that I can go to. I am feeling excited again. But I am also feeling that I need to give Taichung a chance, I have to go back after my vacation and embrace everything I have there, not just work all the time. When I moved to Taichung I was given a kindy job and I still work in the evening. I don't think people are fully aware of how much work that entails. But i'm definitely going to take more time for me.

If I don't manage to do that I won't be happy. I will try and make a life for myself there but if I can't then i'm going to move on to somewhere else.

It makes me happy that I have made that decision. I did tell my work that I would be staying for a third year. That may not be the case, but i'm sure they will understand that not everyone wants to stay somewhere so far away from home for so long.

It is taking all my self control to not hop on an airplane to Spain or Italy right now to find a job there. To be honest, the only thing that is stopping me is that I have all my belongings in Taiwan. I wouldn't want to leave Dave (my flatmate) the job of throwing all my stuff out. That and I left my various pieces of technology there. I did that on purpose because I knew the temptation to not go back would be quite overwhelming.

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